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IJP 2015 Volume 14 Number 1-2-3 (January-May-September 2015)


Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Density, Bulk Specific Gravity and Permeability
John P. Zaniewski and Yu Yan  (USA) p.2

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IJP 2014 Volume 13 Number 1-2-3 (January-May-September 2014)

IJP 2013 Volume 12 Number 1-2-3 (January-May-September 2013)


IJP 2012 Volume 11 Number 1-2-3 (January-May-September 2012)


Dynamic Modeling of an Urban Pavement Management System Directly Connected to a GIS
Jose L. Fernandes Junior, Simone B. Lopes, and Paul C. Pfaffenbichler (Brazil/Austria) p.2

Increasing the Life Cycle of Pavement Structures of The Desert Development Corridor
by Lane Shifting
Amin El Gendy (Egypt) p.14

Effects of Crumb Rubber and Shale-Oil Residue on The Temperature Susceptibility of
Asphalt-Rubber Binders
Adalberto L. Faxina, Manoel H. Alba Soria, and Leni F. M. Leite (Brazil) p.24

Estimation of Field Aged Asphalt Binder Performance Grades, Shear Moduli, and Phase Angles
Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri and George Bert Way (USA/India) p.36

A Laboratory Study on Heating and Drying of Pavement Materials Using Microwave Energy
Andrea Benedetto and Alessandro Calvi (Italy) p.48

Application of Bailey Method and Locking Point Concept to Investigate Bleeding in Asphalt Pavements
John P. Zaniewski and Hadi Rashidi (USA) p.59

The Early Performance of Full Scale Otta Seal Trials on a Rural Road in Ghana
Samuel I. K. Ampadu and Felix J.F. Ayeh (Ghana) p.69

Laboratory Investigation of The Stiffness and The Fatigue Life of Glass Grid Reinforced
Asphalt Concrete
Md R. Islam, Md T. Rahman, and Rafiqul A. Tarefder (USA) p.82

Roughness Performance Model for Surface Treated Asphalt Highways
Sergio Pacífico Soncim and Jose Leomar Fernandes Junior (Brazil) p.93

Evaluation of Urban Pavement Drainage Quality Effects on Pavement Performance
Y.U. Shah, S.S. Jain, M.K. Jain, and D. Tiwari (India) p.103

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Report – Notable Events p.111

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