IJPC Conference

IJPC Abstract
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Deadline: March 08, 2013 Submit by e-mail attached file: rmfortes@terra.com.br
March 20, 2013: Abstract submission deadline extended to March 20, 2013.

IJPC Paper manuscript
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Themes for Conference Papers/Presentations
Theme 1: New Technologies, Design, Construction and Project Delivery
• Application of new materials, concepts and technology;
• Planning and Design, construction and quality control;
• Remote sensing and geospatial technologies;
• Project delivery and development guidelines;
• Historical perspectives and transport project information management.

Theme 2: Asset Management, Operation, Maintenance, and Financial Resources
• Asset management; Safety, efficiency, and security Issues;
• Operation, Intelligent Transportation System, Weather monitoring;
• Condition monitoring and performance evaluation;
• Financial resources optimization and life-cycle management;
• Cases studies of special projects and long-term performance.

Theme 3: Environmental, Societal, Sustainability and Energy Issues
• Environmental impacts and social justice;
• Sustainable transportation and urban development;
• Energy conservation, emissions, and sustainability practices.

Publication of top ranked conference papers in 2013 IJP issue
The top 15 best papers will be published in a special issue of the 2013 IJP journal.