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IJP General Information and Subscription Guidelines

The International Journal of Pavements (IJP) encompasses the following subject areas: accelerated pavement testing; modern practices to design, maintain, and rehabilitate asphalt and concrete pavements; low volume roads; new stabilization and paving technologies; nondestructive evaluation; material testing and characterization; life-cycle analysis and pavement management; and innovative applications of advanced computer modeling and remote sensing technologies. This will be an excellent worldwide forum to reach out to a large number of industry professionals, educators, researchers, transportation engineers, and agency officials involved in education, research, building, and preserving transportation infrastructure.

Manuscript submission: Follow the detailed Author’s guidelines for preparing and submitting the manuscript in English. Instructions for authors and additional information for using SI units and preparing the manuscript in English are available from the editor and web page. All paper manuscripts including figures and tables should be sent to the editor in electronic form, either by e-mail, as an attached Word2007 document file. All papers will be peer reviewed and the primary corresponding author will be notified if the manuscript is accepted for publication. After approval of an accepted manuscript, an electronic Word2007 file version of the manuscript should be sent to the editor’s address and two (2) copies of the manuscript by mail if requested. The reviewers will be selected from the IJP International Editorial Board and other invited reviewers who are distinguished and well known experts in pavement and related transportation engineering fields. Authors submitting manuscripts for publication warrant that the manuscript is the original work of the authors and has not been published, the work does not violate any existing copyright laws, and the authors will indemnify the IJP publishers and editor against any breach of such warranties. Authors must submit a signed paper manuscript offer form. The IJP publication policy does not endorse or allow the use of commercial statements and commercial names for promotional purposes. The editor and publisher reserve the right to charge for excessive editing of a final manuscript.

Copyright: IJP is published three times annually – in January, May, and September in Brazil. Copyright © All rights reserved. Issues may be combined in one or two publication per year if necessary. The authors transfer the exclusive copyright interest to the IJP publisher subject to the condition that the authors are responsible to take the permission from the publishers or owner of any work cited in the manuscript and they have taken appropriate permission before submitting the manuscript. No portion of the work published in IJP journals may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, without written permission from the publisher/editor.
However, we provide the option to purchase their own electronic pdf copy of each paper at a discounted price.

Disclaimer: The authors, editors, and publishers make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the material contained herein. The authors, editors, and publishers make no guarantee on the accuracy or completeness of the information published herein and will not accept any legal responsibility for any errors, omissions, or damages arising out of use of this information.

Complimentary Copies to Authors: As per the latest policy of IJP Publisher and International Editorial Board, the publisher will mail the primary author with one complimentary print copy of the author’s paper.

IJP individual paper’s electronic pdf file can be purchased at US$100 Flat rate per paper by anyone. The same rate applies to the author of a published paper.

If a full print issue that includes the author’s paper is desired in print form by the author then  it can be shipped to the author at a discount price of $200.

Sample copies can be requested from Dr. Uddin or Dr. Fortes while supplies last.

Each order must be paid by PayPal that can facilitate payment by credit cards too.

Subscription and Advertising: Regular institutional and corporate rate is US$300 per year plus $25 postage costs. Individuals may subscribe at a one-year rate of $250.00 plus $25 postage costs. A flat rate of $250 per year is charged for subscription of IJP electronic file. IJP individual paper’s electronic pdf file can be purchased at US$100 Flat rate per paper. The same rate of $100 per pdf file of a paper applies to the author of an individual paper. Orders must be paid by PayPal that can facilitate payment by credit cards. Additional fee of $30 is charged using personal check or international bank check/money order (this option has been discontiued since January 2016). Generally $500 is charged for half page ad. Current advertising rates and formats may be obtained by writing to Dr. Uddin or Dr. Rita Moura Fortes.

Back Issues and Claims: Information about availability of back issues may be obtained from the publisher. The discount price of US$ 125 per year is charged for 2010 and backissues in print (minimum US$100 per year plus $25 for shipping and handling costs). Later backissues after 2010 at $200 per year print or electronic. Contact the publisher for details of discount for bulk orders. All back issue requests for IJP should be directed to the publisher. Claims for undelivered copies must be made no later than six months following the month of publication. The publisher will supply missing copies due to losses in transit and subject to the availability of reserve stocks.

Inquiries and Change of Address: Six weeks advance notice must be given to the publisher when notifying change of address. Address all correspondence regarding manuscripts to Dr. Waheed Uddin and regarding subscriptions and other publication matters to Dr. Rita Moura Fortes or Dr. João Virgílio Merighi.

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