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Regular institutional and corporate rate is US$300 per year plus $25 for shipping and handling costs. Individuals may subscribe at a one-year rate of $250 plus $25 for shipping and handling costs. Electronic full journal copy can be purchased at $250 per year. All institutional and Individual orders must be paid by PayPal/credit card online transactions.
Additional processing fee of $30 is applicable by personal check or international bank check/money order. However, we are terminating this option of payment starting from January 2016 due to common problems with the traditional postal mail system and higher bank processing fee.

Each order must be paid by PayPal that can facilitate payment by credit cards too.

IJP individual paper’s electronic pdf file can be purchased at US$100 Flat rate per paper by anyone. The same rate applies to the author of a paper. Contact the IJP Chief Editor.

If a full issue that includes the author’s paper is desired in print form by the author then  it can be shipped to the author at a discount price of $200. (See more guidelines in author/journal section.)

Past issues from 2010 and earlier years in print are available on discount price of US$ 125 per year (minimum US$100 per year plus $25 for shipping and handling costs). Later backissues after 2010 at $200 per year print or electronic.

IJP Subscription

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