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The International Journal of Pavements (IJP) encompasses the following subject areas: accelerated pavement testing; modern practices to design, maintain, and rehabilitate asphalt and concrete pavements; low volume roads; new stabilization and paving technologies; nondestructive evaluation; material testing and characterization; life-cycle analysis and pavement management; and innovative applications of advanced computer modeling and remote sensing technologies. This will be an excellent worldwide forum to reach out to a large number of industry professionals, educators, researchers, transportation engineers, and agency officials involved in education, research, building, and preserving transportation infrastructure.  http://www.ijpavement.com/

IJP First published January 2002 – Printed in Brazil
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2005: IJP Cooperative agreement with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Library for inclusion in the Transportation Research Information Service (TRIS).

2010: IJP given B1, the third highest rating on 8-point Qualis scale, by the Brazilian Ministry of Education CAPES ranking.

2011: IJP indexed by TRID
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